One Voice Malta

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One Voice Malta

Our Mission

We advocate national and international polices on the reception and integration of migrants on the media. We consult with foreign governments on the causes of illegal migration and educate about its existence through research and initiatives on education, employment, culture, health, tourism, home and foreign affairs among others, anchored in the defence of children and youth rights.

Our Vision

To connect national and international organisations based in Malta, particularly those aimed at irregular and regular migration and to establish inter-ministerial dialogues on the reception and integration of migrant minors and youths living in Malta.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is threefold: we research the causes of migration; promote human rights to educate and sensitize the public; and provide consultancy to government and non-governmental organisations entrusted with the reception and integration of individuals falling victims to the causes of illegal migration due to deprivation of their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Action Plan for the year 2020

One Voice Malta followed closely the Maltese agenda set during the Maltese EU Presidency (Jan 2017-June 2017).

It aims to follow discourses on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) region as well as the Mediterranean region in the pursuance of reforms in economic, political and legal spheres, including human rights.

One Voice Malta offers consultancy services to the government and to non-governmental organisations on issues related to Education, Culture, Employment, the Family, Home Affairs, Tourism and the Media.

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